TUFF System

A readily available fire fighting unit provides a flexible fire protection opportunity to help protect agricultural and forestry machinery while in use in fields, paddocks, trails, bush, or forest.

Fires can occur on many pieces of agricultural and forestry machinery without warning. The difficulty is that many of these fires occur in multiple locations on the equipment. To address this, the Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) provides the capabilities of being attached or positioned either on the machinery itself or on the back of a support vehicle.

  • When mounted directly on the machine, the TUFF unit provides easy access for an operator to highly effective firefighting foam solution in the event of a fire

  • When mounted on the back of a support vehicle, the machine operator has another set of eyes monitoring the machine, and in the event of a fire, the support vehicle can be located to address the fire from a position of safety

Product Features:

  • Fully self-contained

  • Can be relocated from one piece of machinery to another as required

  • Does not rely on any power from a PTO or pump

  • The system works off nitrogen pressure that is stored inside the cylinder and can be easily filled by the operator. No licence required

Product Details:

The Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) consists of a cylinder (38L, 66L and 110L) with a bracket, aerator nozzle, valving, and a hose reel with 15 metres of hose