Aerosol System

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Muster Solid Aerosols Generators (SAG) are a self-generating Fire Suppression device that contain a unique solid chemical which when electrically or thermally activated produces micron sized particles and gases. As these elements mix they transform into a uniform aerosol which acts as a suppressing agent by interrupting the chemical chain reaction in the flame.

As the aerosol is self-generating, it does not require a pressurised cylinder. The generating chemical reaction provides sufficient propellant force to ensure a rapid discharge and even distribution within the enclosed risk area. The discharge is effected directly from the unit and no additional pipework or nozzles are required. SAG canisters are compact and can be mounted directly inside the protected enclosure. SAG units are environmentally safe and do not contribute to global atmospheric warming or ozone depletion.

SAG units can be used as a standalone Fire Suppression system or in conjunction with IPS or Foam as a dual agent system.

  • Self-generating aerosol for enclosed areas
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Instantaneous extinguishing action
  • 7-10 year operational life

Key Components

Alarm Panel

The heart of every electronic Muster Fire Suppression System is our exclusive alarm panel. The Muster Alarm Panel is an advanced integrated device that provides a complete solution which incorporates control, monitoring, and activation of our Muster Fire Suppression Systems. Depending on the requirements of the installation or the customer, the Alarm Panel is configured to support either LHD or LOP fire detection.

Remote Actuators

Available in either push-button or a lever design, Muster Remote Actuators are manufactured from the same high quality stainless steel used throughout the Muster range. Available in both electronic LHD and pneumatic LOP versions, Remote Actuators enable the operator to trigger activation of the fire suppression system manually at the first sign of a potential fire.


MusterWire is the detection method used in our electronic (LHD) fire suppression systems and is available in various temperature ratings to suit any application. MusterWire has a high-performance fluoro jacket giving it superior protection from abrasion, chemical permeation, weather and direct sunlight. The core of the wire consists of two strands of conductive wire that are separated by a heat sensitive polymer. When the wiring is exposed to the rated temperature, the polymer melts and the twin strands arc and send a signal to the Muster Alarm Panel which the actuates the fire Suppression System.

Integration Module

The advanced Muster Integration module can accommodate up to 8 SAG canisters per installation. It provides the communication link for system monitoring and activation between the Muster Alarm panel and the SAG canister.

Signal Test Unit

Muster SAG fire suppression systems do not need to be discharged as part of the commissioning process. Our unique Muster Signal Test Units are designed to verify the operational integrity of the fire suppression system to ensure it is ready for use.

Diagnostics Module

The Muster Diagnostics Module allows technicians to leverage all of the innovations built into the Muster Alarm Panel. The multiple screen display shows real time information relating to alarm panel parameters, system pressure, battery status, software updates and other information required to comprehensively maintain your fire suppression system.  Further information is available by downloading the data logs from the diagnostics module onto a PC using the Muster Diagnostics Application.