Muster introduces innovation into the fire suppression industry with leading edge technology for automatic detection and actuation. Muster is a pre-engineered system designed for environments where superior performance and innovation are consistently demanded.

At the heart of every Muster Fire Suppression System is our exclusive Muster Alarm Panel which monitors the integrity of the Fire Suppression System and automatically controls the activation of the Fire Suppression System.

Heavy vehicles, mobile plant, agricultural machinery, stationary equipment, and other assets represent a substantial investment for any business. Risk reduction strategies need to include the often heavy demands placed on equipment performance. Consideration should be given to equipment damage or potential personal injury as a result of a fire incident. 

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Wherever you have heat generation with a potential mechanical or electrical component failure, the risk of fire is real. The costs of asset replacement and lost production can be crippling but are insignificant compared to the potential loss of life.

Today the installation of an automatic Fire Suppression System has become an essential part of an inclusive risk management plan to minimise harm to both operator and equipment. Make Muster ‘Your Fire Suppression Partner’ and find out how we can protect your people and assets with our leading-edge Fire Suppression Systems.


24/7 Full System Integrity Monitoring through the uniquely designed Muster Alarm Panel which can be integrated into all Muster Fire Suppression Systems.


Depending on the application, agents can be used in a stand-alone installation, or combined to cover multiple risks types on the same piece of equipment.


Each of our Muster fire suppression agents and all related components have achieved their required regulatory compliance. Our products are tested and certified by world-leading bodies including BSI and the CSIRO.


Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities are powered by our Alarm Panel and our compact state of the art Diagnostics Module providing real-time access to system status, operating parameters and telemetry.


Our exclusive Muster360 portal provides a complete framework for authorised Muster Distributors to conduct risk assessments, design systems and document commissioning details. Customers are provided with a document package compliant with approved fire standards during system handover.


Our Muster Training system is your peace of mind that the design, installation and service of your Muster Fire Suppression System is backed by qualified personnel ensuring the most effective management of any potential fire risk.



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  • Solution-based agents for diesel engines

  • Suitable for mobile vehicles & fixed plant

  • Operating range from -40° C to +60° C

  • Cylinder sizes from 15 litres to 110 litres

  • Can be used for Dual Agent system

  • Self-generating aerosol for enclosed areas

  • Environmentally responsible

  • Instantaneous extinguishing action

  • 7-10 year operational life

  • Can be used for Dual Agent system

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  • Portable extinguishers

  • Heat Activated ABE Automatic Extinguishers

  • Heavy Duty Trolley Mounted Extinguishers

  • A range of accessories for mounting & service

  • Rapid discharge dry chemical powder

  • Self-generating, non-pressurised canisters

  • Compact in design for protected enclosures

  • Resistant to corrosion & moisture ingress

  • Can be used for Dual Agent system

  • Versatile use for various applications 
    (E.g. workshop, agricultural machinery)

  • Independent hand operated unit with 
    15m retractable hose reel

  • Can be fitted in a fixed position, to mobile equipment or on support vehicles