Fire Suppression Systems

Why Choose Muster?


24/7 Full System Integrity Monitoring through the uniquely designed Muster Alarm Panel which can be integrated into all Muster Fire Suppression Systems.


Depending on the application, agents can be used in a stand-alone installation, or combined to cover multiple risks types on the same piece of equipment.


Each of our Muster fire suppression agents and all related components have achieved their required regulatory compliance. Our products are tested and certified by world-leading bodies including BSI and the CSIRO.


Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities are powered by our Alarm Panel and our compact state of the art Diagnostics Module providing real-time access to system status, operating parameters and telemetry.


Our exclusive Muster360 portal provides a complete framework for authorised Muster Distributors to conduct risk assessments, design systems and document commissioning details. Customers are provided with a document package compliant with approved fire standards during system handover.


Our Muster Training system is your peace of mind that the design, installation and service of your Muster Fire Suppression System is backed by qualified personnel ensuring the most effective management of any potential fire risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An automatic fire suppression system is a frontline safety system fitted to protect a machine or specific area at risk of experiencing a fire. It is comprised of a detection system, control and monitoring system, actuation system and a distribution network which delivers the fire suppressant to the risk area. Most systems are also fitted with manual actuation capability.

The cost of a fire suppression system is very much dependent on the size of the risk area requiring protection, and the scope of requirement. By carrying out a full fire risk assessment with all key stakeholders, a system can be configured specifically to its defined risk profile. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Under the Australian Standard AS5062:2022, fire suppression systems must be installed by a competent person who has acquired the relevant skillset through education, training, qualification, experience, or a combination of all four. Ensure that the person/s working with your fleet fire suppression systems are suitably qualified and reputable.

Fire systems should be checked daily by operators to ensure there are no faults and that the system is not visibly damaged. Scheduled maintenance by suitably competent fire providers is required 6 monthly, yearly, and 5 yearly. In some harsh applications servicing frequency may be increased to 3 monthly.

Pre-engineered fire suppression systems are designed to detect a fire automatically, which in turn activates the system. The alarm panel then provides both visual and audible alerts to ensure operators/personnel are aware of the situation. Once activated, the agent/s are then discharged into the risk area to suppress the flames.