At MusterFire International we’re passionate about protecting your people and your assets from the inherent risk of fire. We combine leading edge technology with innovation in product design to produce state of the art engineered fire suppression systems.

Our commitment to innovation extends to every MusterII Fire Suppression System. Your personnel & equipment are protected by one of the world's most sophisticated fire suppression systems, which utilises the latest engineering technology to provide 24/7 fully monitored solutions.

The intuitive accuracy of the MusterII Fire Suppression system is controlled using intelligent pressure sensors, ensuring that the discharge time meets the initial design criteria, effectively suppressing fires in the punishing environments where many machines operate.

The fully monitored MusterII Fire Suppression System is available with multiple extinguishing agents, and fire sensing modes to suit any application.

The 24/7 system monitoring available all system types, allows the operator to view the overall integrity of the system at any time, knowing that it is at the correct pressure and that all the sensors are active.

The MusterII Fire Suppression System comes with stainless steel components; including the valve, cylinder and fittings, ensuring its performance in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Whatever the demand; the system is ready to actuate anytime a fire is detected and your MusterII Fire Suppression System will operate as designed, and to its full potential, suppressing the flames and protecting your assets and personnel.

A number of key innovations in our MusterII systems provide intelligent performance and precise monitoring.


24/7 FULLY MONITORED SYSTEMS - Alarm panel monitoring once every second.

ONBOARD SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS - Data logging all essential system events.

CLOUD-BASED DESIGN SOFTWARE - Risk Assessment, System Design & Commissioning.

FLEXIBLE HEAT DETECTION - MusterWire LHD ensures immediate activation.

GLOBAL PRODUCT & TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Fully trained network of authorised distributors.

Muster Flame

Muster <sup>II</sup> Cylinder

MusterII Cylinder

Muster <sup>II</sup> Musterwire

MusterII MusterWire

Muster <sup>II</sup> Alarm Panel

MusterII Alarm Panel

Muster Installation

MusterII Installation

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